About Guideline

Regarding fanworks, doujin activities, and cosplay

As long as you keep it at a fan or hobby level (not for-profit), there are no problems with that?just be responsible for yourselves. Thank you so much!

Regarding Let’s Plays, streaming, and gameplay videos

Feel free to do Let’s Plays, stream, and make any other kind of gameplay videos. You may monetize these as well (e.g. by running ads on them).
Just make sure that you credit my name, as well as link to the site/link to the specific game’s page as well.

Example of proper credits

【Creator】Deep-sea prisoner/Funamusea http://funamusea.com

Regarding translations

Always contact me ahead of time, thank you.

Forbidden conduct

  1. Use for commercial, for-profit purposes.
  2. Use with the intention of defaming others.
  3. Use that espouses specific ideology regarding religions or ideologies.
  4. Making content that offends common sense morality or goes against public order.
  5. Content used for any illegal activities, or to assist any illegal activities.
  6. Content that violates the rights of others.
  7. Content that could be mistaken for official (or canon, so to speak) works. Particularly if you making fan goods, I’d like you to avoid imitating my artstyle.
  8. Translation without informing me and getting permission beforehand
  9. It is prohibited to let AI learn my illustrations.
  10. Content that creates trouble for others, or is deemed inappropriate by me, the original creator.
As long as you are following my guidelines, there is no need to contact me over when using or making derivative content (i.e. fanart) of my work.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.
I reserve the right to change the guidelines listed above at any time without prior notice.
The creator, myself, assumes no responsibility in the event of any damages occurring as a result of the guideline changes.
I appreciate your understanding.






【作者】海底囚人/funamusea http://funamusea.com




  1. 営利目的での利用
  2. 誹謗中傷を目的とした利用
  3. 特定の宗教・思想を主張する目的での利用
  4. 公序良俗に反する内容
  5. 法律に接触する内容
  6. 他者の権利を侵害する恐れのある内容
  7. 公式制作物と誤認を招く恐れのある内容
  8. 事前連絡のない無断翻訳
  9. 私のイラストをAIに学習させること
  10. 他迷惑行為等、作者が不適切と判断するもの